Stripped Opulence

Trinity Cathedral / W884+H9 Admiralteysky District, St Petersburg, Russia

AAmp Studio_Stripped Opulence_aannotated.JPG

Here we sit, both a bit stunted. We rest, we wonder. In this gilded city built for opulence and show, what face to wear? We need to impress, but weโ€™re tired. Tired of the garb, tired of gild: our clothes are off and weโ€™re happy. With the grass growing between our feet and the sun on our naked backs, we embrace the simultaneity of this purgatory. A place somewhere between atrophy and amelioration. Feels good. Soon we will be dressed, our makeup on. Isnโ€™t he pretty? But now we are pure, rooted in the ground, solid in our stripped opulence.